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Do you suffer from Endometriosis? Endometriosis can have a devastating effect on quality of life due to its very painful symptoms; it is the biggest cause of infertility in women, and carries a huge personal and societal cost. 

There is some evidence to support the use of cypress essential oil in terms of increasing circulation, and though it may not seem relevant to endometriosis sufferers, providing a boost of nutrient rich blood throughout the body is thought to promote numerous health benefits, including pain relief. In addition, it is also considered a natural antispasmodic, furthering its use in the condition. Topical application with a one or two percent dilution or added to a bath are both common methods of using cypress oil for endometriosis.

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March is National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month. Chronic fatigue involves much more than simply being tired. It is a syndrome that is characterized by an extreme full-body fatigue that cannot be remedied with rest. The causes of chronic fatigue are not fully understood, but many speculate underlying viruses, emotional stress, immune system problems and hormonal imbalances, among others. While the causes remain mysterious, the main symptom (fatigue) can be supported through a regimen that includes peppermint and basil essential oils.

Peppermint oil, when inhaled and absorbed, passes the blood-brain barrier in the body and this increases the transmission of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. This makes for a mental boost that can be much appreciated at any time of day, and has an energizing effect on both mind and body.

The basil plant and Basil oil is rich with linalool, a naturally occurring chemical, which is beneficial in decreasing feelings of tension when applied to the temples and reducing anxious feelings when diffused. Diffusing Basil oil can also help to promote a sense of mental alertness and focus.

March is also National Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month . Multiple Sclerosis, also known simply as MS, is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. This disorder damages and eventually destroys the myelin, or protective covering, surrounding the nerves, causing reduced communication between the brain and nerve pathways. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that, in MS patients, “essential oils (aromatherapy) may give symptomatic relief with sleep, relaxation, joint mobility, and an improved sense of well-being.”

Peppermint has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it one of the most popular essential oils. It supports healthy circulatory function, soothes digestion issues and eases pain.

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