June 26, 2018
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Healing Touch Skin Care and Wellness Center
3016 Land O’ Lakes Blvd.
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639

Cost is $20 per person
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Kim Jansen is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Herbalist, Iridology Certified, Ordained Minister in touch Therapies & Magnified Healing, Reiki Master, Renewed Energy, Kinesiology, Color Therapy, Gemstones & Emotional Freedom Technique.

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3016 Land O'Lakes Blvd. Land O'Lakes FL 34639  | 813-909-7376


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Holistic Modalities Revealed

Guest Speaker
Kimberly Jansen, CNHP
Herbalist, Wholistic Coach/Practitioner

Modalities Revealed:

Iridology:  The study of the iris of the eye.  Identifying conditions/balance in the body by colors/markings and their locations on the iris.  The entire body is shown in the eye.  Brought to the U.S. from Germany by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Kinesiology:  Using a major indicator muscle to “test” strength or weakness of the energy in the body.  Non-invasive means to identify areas that need attention, balance, and nourishment.

Chromatherapy:  The study of colors.  Using colors to bring energetic balance to the physical and emotional body.  Color Therapy incorporates food, gemstones, clothing, paint, etc.  Use of colors in your life to absorb their frequencies and balance any deficiencies or excesses.

Gemstone Therapy:  All gemstones are harvested from the Earth.  They each have their own unique colors and frequencies.  These colors and frequencies restore balance to the emotional and physical bodies when in contact with the body.

Reiki:  Energy Medicine.  Balancing and restoring the bodies energies through intent and specific hand locations and movement.  Feeling the energy, strength or stagnation, of the body and bringing release guided by the practitioners energy and intent.  Entrainment in action...it is the scientific process where the energy of one affects the energy of another by being in close proximity.

Simply Healed:  Energy Medicine that incorporates affirmations and intention to stimulate releases of stagnant energy/beliefs.  The releases occur on the physical and emotional levels for present and past.  Once the energies are identified and integrated, balance is renewed.  The body, brain, and emotions are clear and ready to achieve life goals free from interruptions/interferences/blockages.

Essential Oils:  Oils derived from nature that are used to stimulate responses in the body and emotions.  Once inhaled, they affect the limbic portion of the brain which then releases endorphins, hormones, etc. as a response to balance/fulfill the bodies imbalances/needs.  Oils begin working within the first second of entering the body and within thirty minutes they have permeated the entire body.

Wholetones:  Musical frequencies that create balance in the body.  Every organ in the body resonates optimally at a specific frequency.  When this frequency is out of balance, the body displays discomfort or disease.  Healing tones will energetically balance the entire body.