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Muscle Pain

Neck & Back Pain Due To Disc Disorders

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Promotes natural pain relief and enhances recuperative power and immunity. Also supports physical and emotional health and improves overall function and well-being. The procedure is safe and painless and is an effective way to treat a variety of medical concerns.

Initial evaluation: 20-30 minutes with treatment
Follow-up visits: 1 hr with massage; or 1/2 hour acupuncture only


Chemical Dependence


Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain


Immune Enhancement

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


 Leah Lubin, LAc, DOM, LMT, BS  

Dr. Leah provides acupuncture, body work, herbal remedies, and lifestyle/nutritional advice for natural, effective, and safe treatment of illness and injuries. Lab tests are also available. Leah earned her Master's degree in Oriental Medicine from East-West College of Natural Medicine in 2006 and received extra practical training at Zhejiang University Hospital in Hangzhou, China. She earned her Bachelor's degree in psychology from The University of Florida. With over 14 years experience as a massage therapist and nearly 10 years as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Leah understands a great deal about the dynamics of the muscular system and how it can affect your well being as well as what the external body can say about the internal one based on ancient Chinese medical principles.  Leah believes in a nurturing and loving approach to helping her patients heal and feels passionately about providing tools and knowledge to empower, you, the individual along your path to health & happiness.  (#MA35693/#AP2358)

I have been a client/patient at Healing Touch for many years. From the lovely ambiance of the office to the smiling welcome of Lori Ellis and Leah Lubin, I have enjoyed their “healing touches” many times.

Being someone battling MS, I am always in need of Leah’s practice of acupuncture, herbs and massage. Leah’s amazing intuition about the body and where to place her hands has worked wonders for me. It is difficult to manage symptoms of fatigue, numbness, tingling and pain. The Western Docs are eager to “push pills”. I have always tried to use alternative therapies. Leah listens to me speak and watches my body language. From her first welcoming hug I know she is absorbing my body’s “talk” and has great response and techniques ready for my treatment.  - Karen G. loyal/grateful Healing Touch client

The National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture to be effective in helping numerous health conditions such as: