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Acne Treatments Designed For Teens

All services are by appointment only. Please call 813-909-7376 to schedule yours now!

"Healing Touch has given me my confidence back, the confidence to go outside and get near people without getting insecure. And overall changed my acne experience. Over the course of a few facials my skin is almost spotless, my only regret is that I did not come to Healing Touch sooner instead, of wasting money on other acne products that didn't help. With dermatology products and facials going from weekly to monthly my skin is doing great!" --  SJ (Age 13)

Our treatments make a healthy impact in the lives of young people who are suffering with acne.

It’s unnecessary to resort to drugs or harsh facial chemicals when working with us. These treatments can have dangerous side effects and can sometimes have long lasting consequences. It’s important to treat acne naturally because harsh chemical medications and products can do more harm than good.

We specialize in a number of therapies including nutrition recommendations,  facials, high frequency oxygenation and natural acne treatments.

Lori Ellis is an RN and Medical Aesthetician. She works with teens and develops an individualized care plan for them which includes education about what the causes of acne are and how to minimize its effects.

If you are ready for relief and are looking for a gentler approach and treatment, call Healing Touch Skin Care and Wellness Center.   Consultations are complimentary. Call for an appointment 813-909-7376.

Acne, without a doubt, is one of a teenager’s most despised problems. Acne pimples, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads can ravage a young person’s skin and self-esteem.  We offer effective acne treatment and individualized care because we know how much blemishes, oily skin and acne scars can affect the confidence of a teen.

The best time to begin acne treatment is as soon as it becomes evident. Teens and young adults come to us after having tried everything for acne. We have treatments designed especially for teens.